Inside Flipboard / September 5, 2013

Time out! The NFL football season officially kicks off today, and the Flip Bowl was supposed to start today too—we had solicited nominations for the best, fan-created team mags. From your nominations, we had planned to pick one per team, which we’d feature through the Super Bowl. It was going to be a beautiful thing.

There was only one problem: The email address for submissions didn’t work. Doh. But it works now! Promise. So we’re stopping the clock and extending the deadline for another week: please send us your nominations to pigskin@flipboard.com.

A reminder that “great” magazines have plenty of pictures, as well as stories, and are kept up to date throughout the week. Bonus points for adding co-contributors. (Check out “Bulls on Parade,” which covers the Houston Texans, for inspiration.) We’ll pick the best 32 team mags we can find and list them in Sports, where you’ll be able to subscribe to them and follow the action every week, right here on Flipboard.