Find Your Classroom Community On Flipboard

Educators / April 27, 2015


Looking for a vibrant group of teachers, faculty and students using Flipboard? The FlipEDU account is the hub for our education community.

At FlipEDU, you’ll find over 400 magazines made by educators and students, with more being added all the time. These magazines are organized into “metazines” (a magazine of magazines) devoted to common educational themes. For example, you can dive into the Teacher’s Lounge and find more than 40 magazines made by teachers sharing news and articles about the profession.

You can connect with any of the educators on Flipboard by following their magazines and leaving comments on the articles they’re sharing. There’s a treasure trove of information and interesting people to be discovered in each collection. Here’s a quick guide:

Flipboard for Educators

This is the magazine version of our educators blog, where you can get read all about the FlipEDU initiative, get useful tips and meet some of the teachers on our platform.

Classroom Tech

Technology in the classroom is a big topic these days—and it’s changing quickly. Here’s a collection of magazines from educators who are passionate and informed about edtech.

Learning & Innovation

These magazines track developments in teaching methodologies and thinking.


Magazines about education for early learners through middle school.

High School

For grades 9-12, includes articles about AP coursework, student projects and more.

Higher Education

Instead of classroom curriculum and student projects, higher ed magazines tend to share information about their schools, non-profit efforts, school activities, alumni outreach, and more.


News and information focused on school administration and faculty issues.

We also have subject-based magazines like Mathematics, S.T.E.M., History, English & Literature, The Arts and more. We would love to have more subject-specific magazines represented, so please send us your mags! You can share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #FlipEDU or email us at You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter here and finally don’t forget to follow the FlipEDU account to see updates and new magazines in your Cover Stories.

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